Course Instructions

Welcome to FUNDAMENTALS OF PECAN MANAGEMENT. This online version of the Oklahoma Pecan Management Course is offered to help present or prospective pecan producers improve their pecan management program or make better informed decisions on future pecan investments.

This self study course is based on conditions common to Oklahoma's pecan production but principles and techniques discussed have application throughout much of the United States pecan production region. Likewise, it is geared toward commercial pecan producers of all sizes but can be easily applied to hobby orchards as well as back yard trees.

The course is organized into seven phases as follows:

Introduction: Characteristics of the Oklahoma Industry; Definitions; Botany of the pecan; Human dietary benefits of pecans; Author credits; Sponsorship.

Native pecan management: Assessing investment potential; Grove improvement; Management priorities; Orchard floor management; Pecans and livestock; Determining pecan tree value; Organic production

Improved variety management: Orchard site selection; Orchard establishment; Propagation; Variety selection; Nutrition; Training; Pruning; Irrigation; Crop load management; Weed control

Pest management: IPM concepts; Insect management; Disease management; Wildlife depredation management; Organic options.

Storage, Food Safety and Sanitation: Storage considerations; Food safety; Sanitation

Economics and marketing: Economics; Marketing

Equipment: Overview; Minimum equipment needs; Commonly used equipment; Calibration

Each section and subtopic is directly accessible from a common menu. The user can navigate through the course at self pace and return to any section at will. Links will open in a new window. To return where you left off, simply close the new window.

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Any funds generated by this online course above the cost of site maintenance will be allocated to support OKlahoma State University Cooperative Extension educational programs for commercial pecan producers.

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